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The Linc - No illegal hit on McNabb

NFL: No illegal hit on McNabb | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/14/2009
The NFL has reviewed the play that led to Donovan McNabb's rib injury and ruled there was "no illegal hit on the play," a league spokesman told the Daily News today in an email.

The League Panelists: Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb fractured ribs against Carolina Panthers, and Eagles shouldn't play him - Mackie Shilstone
If McNabb plays, his ribs will have bulls eyes on them.

McNabb's injury creates questions | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/14/2009
The obvious question wasn't the only question after Donovan McNabb left yesterday's season opener against the Carolina Panthers with a fractured rib. The obvious one: When will McNabb be able to play again?

Eagles handily win battle of lines | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/13/2009
In one city, they were talking about the continuity of their team's offensive line and the fact that the same five starters were together for the second straight opener. In the other city, the sky was apparently falling because off-season moves and injuries had left that team's line fractured and seemingly patched together. Guess which unit had the better season opener?

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Adrian Peterson, Drew Brees not only stars of NFL Week 1 - Peter King -
Desean Jackson's the luckiest man on the face of the earth, Week 1 version. He broke open the Eagles-Panthers game with an 85-yard punt-return for touchdown in the second quarter at Charlotte, and he was barely touched on it. But one of the reasons he was barely touched was a how-did-they-miss-it illegal-block-in-the-back by Philly's Chris Clemons as the return just got up and running. The return, up the left side on an otherwise well-blocked play, gave Philadelphia a 17-7 lead, and the Eagles basically just grinded out the win from there.

Jackson breaks loose on 85-yard punt return | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/13/2009
The Eagles have only one wide receiver who could catch just two passes for 9 yards and still have a major impact on the outcome of a game. His name: DeSean Jackson.

Video: Analyzing McNabb's injury - NFC East - ESPN
ESPN's Trent Dilfer talks about how difficult it will be for Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb to play with a rib injury.

Panthers Watch 2009: Jake Delhomme steps up for the 49ers - Niners Nation
Our pals over the 49ers blog Niners Nation were especially happy to see the Eagles win yesterday.

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