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What they're saying - Eagles win over Panthers

Panther's QB Jake Delhomme on the pressure brought by the Eagles' defense

"That's what they (the Eagles) do," Delhomme said. "We knew they were going to bring pressure ... We need to respond to that. If you think there was a lot of pressure this week and we didn't do too well with it, we are going to see a lot of it next week."

Fullback Brad Hoover on the same

"They're a pressure defense, so it's not that we weren't expecting it. They just hit us on some things to which we weren't able to adjust," said fullback Brad Hoover. "They got us and bit us."

Might one of things they weren't expecting be Trent Cole rushing up the middle? Chris Gocong says "I told you so" about the surprises on defense.

"I've been telling you guys for a while now, but you wouldn't listen," said a chuckling Chris Gocong about the potential of the defense. "It's still Jim (Johnson)'s defense, but it's streamlined. It's real aggressive, very aggressive. We've known it for a while. We haven't shown too much of our blitzes in the preseason, and we know what we had going in, so we were kind of expecting things. But that was a great first performance for us, I'm really proud of the defense."


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Omar Gaither attributed the success of the D to McDermott's playcalling

"A few of the things that (coach McDermott) did came up big for us," said middle linebacker Omar Gaither, "A lot of those big plays were things that he's changed. And obviously with our personnel ... it worked out well for us."

Victor Abiamiri on scoring the first TD of his career and the first of the Eagles' season.

"Trent made one heckuva play. I was just there to scoop and score. The ball was just sitting there, right there, I just picked it up," said Abiamiri, who made his second-career start. "It was a great start to my season. I'm hoping to build on it. I hope it's just one of many."

Omar Gaither talked about how the Eagles shut down one of the NFL's best rushing attacks.

"That first drive he was bouncing a lot. We know he likes to bounce outside, but we didn't know how much he wanted to get out there," Gaither said. "We came back and regrouped for the second drive and we were able to get him stopped."

Macho Harris on starting his first NFL game

"When I walked out there I was a little emotional because it was my first start in a professional league," Harris said. "I dreamed of playing this game on Sundays, so it was emotional for me in the beginning of the game, but other than that, it was great."

Desean Jackson on his 85 yard punt return for a TD.

"The punt-return team did a great job of setting me up," Jackson said. "I got a good crease and I hit the crease, and from there I saw the punter and I just made him miss."

Desean also talked about his future in the wildcat offense.

"The Wildcat is not going to go anywhere," Jackson said. "I'll be back there with Mike and without him."

Finally, Panthers' WR Steve Smith probably summed up his team's performance the best.

"Offensively, we just sucked. Let’s be honest," receiver Steve Smith said.

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