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Shawn Andrews addresses his doubters

In a comment on his official youtube channel, Shawn Andrews addressed the growing frustration with his back injury among fans.

Well let me chime in and say I'm not here to debate with anyone, but I will stand up for Shawn. Some of the S. Andrews bashers will never understand what it's like to be a BIG guy w/ back issues, and u know what I hope u guys never do. My debacle that many of you guys read about last year has nothing, and I mean nothing to do w/ my back. I am the happiest in my life that I have ever been.. Who would not want to line up w/ a college buddy, and furthermore tell me who would not wanna line up beside their own blood brother and kick a little arse( my version of the cussword) . So to all the people that feel like I have too much time and should be focusing on football, that's what I'm doing. I have a life outside of football. I guess most people won't be happy until I'm in a wheel chair. That is very unfortunate.. Those of u who pray, please throw up a pray for me, and I am praying for all inspite of all the hate. P.s. Thanks cowboyssuk81..I know some people understand. GOD Bless.

At least Shawn has found a friend in "cowboyssuk81."

The fact that Andrews is at all concerned with what a bunch of youtube trolls have to say about him is not terribly encouraging.

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