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The Linc - Brian Westbrook has a few things to prove

Westbrook Fresh, Excited for Week 1
"I think I’ve worked very hard to get to this point, and I want to prove to myself that, ‘You can still play. You can still do it. You can still make people miss. You can still make long runs and you can still have an impact on the game,’" Westbrook said. "I’ve prepared myself to be at that point right now. I’ve done everything I can to be that type of player, and now it’s just having the opportunity to go out there and do it, and that’s what I’m waiting for." - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Reid's Eagles Historically Getting The Better Of Fox's Panthers
What's the first game that comes to mind when you think of the Carolina Panthers? For 99% of you, it's one of the most painful losses in the Andy Reid era, a 14-3 loss at home in the 2003 NFC Championship. Unfortunately it's a game where the result, their third consecutive missed opportunity, is more memorable than the actual event.

Vick will travel with Eagles this weekend - - Eagle Eye
Michael Vick can’t play or practice, but he will be in Carolina with the Eagles when they open the regular season against the Panthers.

Philadelphia Eagles Kick-off Party at The Piazza at Schmidts | Things to Do in Philadelphia: uwishunu Philly
This Sunday, enjoy the action outdoors in beautiful late-summer weather, as the Piazza at Schmidts puts its 40’ x 20’ Dakotics Jumbotron screen to great use with a live broadcast of the Philadelphia Eagles – Carolina Panthers game.

NFL Team Reports: NFC East Season Previews - The Trenches - The Trenches - Sporting News
The Sporting News previews the NFC East.

Much more after the jump including deluded Cowboys, news on Macho Harris, season predictions, and some news about an old pal.

Harris makes quick jump: 3rd string to starter - : Sports
Eagles rookie safety Victor Harris entered training camp as a fifth-round draft pick with little more than a cool nickname and loads of potential.

Could this be a Banner season for Eagles?
As usual, the Eagles have most of the pieces in place to make a run deep into the playoffs. As usual, getting to that point will depend on several key players and position groups playing to their potential and, in some cases, beyond that level.

Surprise, Patriots let Greg Lewis go -
Cutting Greg Lewis isn’t in the same league as the Richard Seymour [stats] bombshell trade, but it comes as a surprise nonetheless.

John Smallwood: A Super lukewarm endorsement for the Eagles | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/09/2009
CONTRARY to some opinions, I am not always down on the prospects for an Eagles season.

Enough already: Give Vick a second chance | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/09/2009
Maybe 11 weeks away from work has made me soft, but I don't see why everyone is dissecting every word Michael Vick says. Is he sorry, really sorry, he executed those dogs, people want to know, and if he is, why isn't he communicating that better? Why doesn't he just say, "Man, I have nightmares about those little puppies, and I'm so sorry I bludgeoned them to death."

Cowboys' WR Hurd predicts perfect season - NFC East - ESPN
"I think we can go undefeated," Sam Hurd said. "We almost did it during the 13-3 season. It's the same coach, same team, just a couple of different players. I think we have improved and I think we're coming together as a unit, offense, defense and special teams. So I think we can get it done."

Emmitt Smith predicts seven wins for Cowboys - NFC East - ESPN
Former Cowboys great Emmitt Smith has been making the media rounds the last few days and he's not too optimistic about his former team. He was actually fairly positive on a a Sirius NFL Radio interview with Rich Gannon and Adam Schein, but then he changed directions while appearing on ESPN Radio with Colin Cowherd.

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