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The Linc - Admit it, you bought a Vick jersey - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Vick Dog Choking Mural Removed by City
Apparently the city of Philadelphia's “graffiti abatement team” had removed the graffiti by Friday.

QB group rankings reveal teams in trouble if starter goes down says the Eagles have the strongest group of QBs in the NFL.

McNabb thinks Maclin's ready for starting job - NFC East - ESPN
In addition to offering his thoughts on the WildVick formation Monday, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb endorsed rookie wide receiver Jeremy Maclin as a potential starter. Asked whether Maclin was ready to start, here's what the quarterback had to say: - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Welcomebacks? Favre 1st, Vick 4th in Jersey Sales
Darren Rovell of CNBC's Sports Biz is reporting that from April 1 to August 28, the leading jerseys in terms of sales at include Brett Favre's Vikings gear at #1 and Michael Vick's Eagles debut at #4. Considering how late in this fiscal period both guys signed with their new teams, that's saying something. Vick is the only Eagle to crack the top 20.

A few more after the jump including news on betting in Delaware, Eagles supporting the troops, & the beat up Panthers.

Update: Eagles & Phillies support our troops
A local woman writes about her experience dealing with local sports teams after her son was deployed overseas.

Panthers hoping to get healthy before opener against Eagles | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/31/2009
The Carolina Panthers open their season against the visiting Eagles on Sept. 13. Which means they've got to get healthy in a hurry.

Delaware can offer NFL parlay betting only | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/31/2009
A federal appeals court today limited Delaware's plans for a new sports betting lottery to parlay bets on professional football games only.

Eagles want fans to drink responsibly | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/31/2009
Eagles fans, drink on - but if you drink too much, you're not driving home. That's the policy of the Eagles since 2003, even though last year's recommendations in the NFL's Fan Code of Conduct were updated this year.

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