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Quintin Demps "irritated" at not being named starter yet

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This certainly doesn't sound like the humility you'd expect from a second year player hoping to win a starting job...

"It’s getting kind of irritating, man," Demps said. "It’s too close to not have a starter already. I just feel like we should already have a starter. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s getting irritating."

"Right now, I’m the starting free safety, but there are so many games being played that it’s getting irritating," Demps said.

The "games being played" are called competition Quintin. You'll face it every year in the NFL. Very few guys on this team or this league have so much job security that they don't even have to compete for a job. I think it's fair to say that every second year player with little starting experience are fighting for jobs in this league.

It seems that Demps thought he'd inherited the job when Dawkins left, but he's quickly learning that's not how it works.

“If I had known it was going to be like this, this late, I would have probably worked extra. It’s kind of been a carousel for me, but I’m just going to go out this last game hopefully and just open some eyes and put it in cement that I’m the starter.”

Great players always work extra. He doesn't need to look any further than his own teammates in the secondary for that. Asante didn't turn himself from a 6th round pick into one of the premier corners in the game by not "working extra." Quintin Mikell never assumed he had a starting job, he's always worked like he was fighting for a job.

We can only hope that he takes this as a learning experience. That you can never take anything for granted in the NFL... but complaining to the media that he's irritated that he hasn't been named the starter yet doesn't seem to indicate that he's "getting it."

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