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The Linc - "We're not ultimate fighters"

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Andy Reid doesn't like to see teammates fighting at Eagles camp - : Sports
"I know that things happen in the heat of the moment," Reid said. "I just tell the team to not make it a habit. We're not ultimate fighters; we're football players."

Eagles' Training Camp 'Subdued' After Death of Longtime Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson -
"We all have a bit of sadness, a subdued feeling at a time when you're excited to begin training camp, and that has to do with Jim Johnson," Lurie said Wednesday. "That doesn't just go away."

Mikell assumes leadership of 'D' | | The News Journal
Leadership seems to come naturally to Quintin Mikell, who has emerged from undrafted rookie free agent in 2004 into a second-team All-Pro safety last season.

Maclin catching on quickly | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/07/2009
Jeremy Maclin is showing he's a quick study. The rookie wide receiver, who held out for the first nine days of Eagles training camp, has been at Lehigh for only two days, but he's already inducing oohs and ahs from the fans.

Paul Domowitch: How Jim Johnson's subtle gesture changed one man's life | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/07/2009
THEY WILL COME to the West Club at Lincoln Financial Field today to remember the life of Jim Johnson. His family. His friends. Men who coached with and against him. Men who played for him. Wayne Ford won't be there for the private memorial service, but he will be thinking about big Jim today and remembering once again the enormous impact he had on his life.

More after the jump, including crazy prices at the new Dallas stadium, Desean Jackson, Sean Jones big play, new NFL ads, and a blogger incredulous about Eli's new deal.

Jones' nifty end-zone pick a highlight at Eagles camp | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/07/2009
Play of the day had to be safety Sean Jones' end-zone pick. One play after breaking up a 2-minute-drill goal-line pass from Donovan McNabb to Kevin Curtis, Jones was covering Jason Avant. McNabb - who looks very sharp - threaded the ball through bodies to Avant, who seemed to juggle it briefly. Jones took it off Avant's pads for a drive-killing end-zone interception.

Advertising - For N.F.L., Split Seconds Become 30-Second Spots -
The National Football League is using a new camera to create a broad, unified campaign to promote the N.F.L. brand, the 2009 season, the league’s youth programs and other initiatives.

The Big Lead " Blog Archive " Eli Manning Signs 6-year, $97 million Deal, Now Makes More Than JaMarcus Russell
This writer thinks Manning was smart to sign a deal before this year started... -A writer recounts his tour of the new Cowboys Stadium
"Tuesday’s tour took our group into a suite that can be leased for $800,000 a year — which doesn’t include the price of game or event tickets but does offer a large pizza for $90 (no toppings), 12-packs of domestic beer for $66 apiece and a four-pack of Red Bull for $22, among other ridiculously priced items."