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The Linc - What makes Jeff Lurie sick to his stomach?

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Eagles' Jackson Putting on a Show at Camp
"He’s just one of those guys where if you don’t put your hands on him or something like that, he’s gone," cornerback Ellis Hobbs said.

McCoy Displaying Skills in Blitz Pickup
it was a bit of a surprise this week when McCoy was being cheered for his work in a blocking drill. That’s because his ability in that area was the one big question most NFL teams had about him prior to the draft.

Camp competition | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/06/2009
With the season-ending injury to middle linebacker Stewart Bradley, the door has been opened for either Joe Mays or Omar Gaither to become the new starter at that position with the distinct possibility that Mays plays in the base defense and Gaither takes the field in passing situations.

Wearing a Yankees hat in Iggles' country - Newsday
Seeing a Yankees' hat makes Eagles owner Jeff Lurie "sick to his stomach"

More, including sad news about one great Eagle and good news about another, after the jump

Training Camp: What Did We Learn Today? - Wednesday, August 5th > 950 ESPN > Blogs
Brian Westbrook went through a vigorous workout Wednesday and his return could be closer than originally thought.

Brian Dawkins has broken hand - Mile High Report
Brian Dawkins has broken hand, will likely miss the preseason.