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Desean Jackson & Jeremy Maclin... rivals?

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Is there a rivalry brewing between Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin? At least from Jackson's perspective, it seems that way.

"When they made that pick I didn’t really understand it, but it is what it is," said Jackson, who emphasized that he’s not bothered by the decision to draft Maclin and instead sees it as a motivating force.

"He’s a first-round pick. I’m a second-round. He’s going to set the goals high for me."

It's not really a secret that Desean Jackson thought he'd be a first round pick last year. In fact, many people speculated that his drop to the second round put a chip on his shoulder that motivated him to have the kind of year he did last season. It certainly seems that seeing Jeremy Maclin, who was drafted where Desean thought he belonged, hold out and miss a week of camp has provided even further motivation. It also seems that the very fact the Eagles drafted Maclin has given Jackson motivation.

Desean has been the unquestioned star of Eagles' camp so far. In fact he hasn't just been the best WR, Les Bown called him "the best player on the field." If this is what he needs to motivate him, so be it.

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Jackson attributes his success so far to hard work.

"I'm not calling the plays and I'm not scheming anything up, but as many balls come my way, that's as many balls as I'm going to catch," Jackson said Thursday. "The biggest thing is being consistent. That's what I'm doing through this camp ... working hard, putting the work in. There's no substitute for the hard work you put in."

That's from a guy a lot of scouts called "lazy" coming out of college.

Jackson also seems to have set some high goals for himself, including doubling his production from last season.

Asked if he has a goal in mind for receptions this season, Jackson replied: "I’m honestly trying to double that."

About 120 catches?

"Higher. Keep talking, man. Keep going up," he said.

Jackson also seems to have fed off a friendly rivalrly with Asante Samuel.

"He’s confident. And that’s Asante out there," Kevin Kolb said. "It’s fun. It’s a blast. Asante’s talking. Of course you know DeSean’s going to talk. I’d say DeSean got the best of him [Wednesday] for sure."

"I mean, he’s in what, his sixth, seventh year? This is my second," said Jackson, who turns 23 in December. "I’ll give it to him, but I mean I’m not going to let him put himself over me too much because, as you can see in our battles, we go at it. I must be great with him."

There's an edge to this kid and I like it.