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The Linc - Maclin's contract, Manning's money, & ESPN clamps down

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Wednesday whys: Contract complications | National Football Post
Andrew Brandt, who negotiated the contract between Jeremy Maclin and the Eagles, explains why these things take so long. (Hint: it's the agent)

ESPN Limits Employees’ Social Networking -
The guidelines say that on-air talent, reporters and writers are prohibited from having sports-related blogs or Web sites and that they will need a supervisor’s approval to discuss sports on any social networking sites. They will also be restricted from discussing internal policies or detailing how stories are "reported, written, edited or produced."

Giants, Manning agree to 6 years, $97 million deal - Big Blue View
Eli Manning is now the highest paid player in the NFL. Good for him.

Jim Johnson, longtime Philadelphia Eagles assistant, remembered for his toughness, teaching - ESPN
Great article on Jim Johnson

ESPN Tells Employees They Can Only Tweet About ESPN
Classy ESPN. Classy.