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Winston Justice... starter?

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Over the past few years, Winston Justice has probably been Eagles' fans favorite whipping boy. The one time second round pick has started just one game in his career, that start has become infamous.

Since that fateful day in Giants' stadium Justice has been labeled a bust, soft, mocked by Hugh Douglas, and generally disliked by Eagles fans. The fact that he's still taking up a roster spot has drawn derision from fans and this year would surely be the last camp we'd see Winston Justice.

But then Shawn Andrews' surgically repaired back began to hurt, he hit the training room, and Winston Justice started taking reps with the first team offense... and he's stepped up. Andy Reid had this to say.

"Winston is having a very good camp, I think you all see that, and we see it right with you. He’s very confident, very aggressive, growing up. You think back now – he was the youngest player we had at that time when we took him. He was a young pup, and I think he’s just growing up."

More on Justice's road to redemption after the jump.

Marty Morninwheg

"He's striking people and he's playing in a physical manner," Mornhinweg said after the Eagles' morning practice.

"It sounds kind of crazy, but he really is a good pass protector now. I've been impressed with Winston. There's no question he has dramatically improved his game. Sometimes it takes guys until their fourth or fifth year before it clicks for them. I think it has clicked for Winston."

Justice has not only done a good job blocking this summer he's shown more fire than he ever has, mixing it up after plays most notably in a scuffle with Omar Gaither.

It's not just the coaches that have highlighted Justice's improvement either, members of the local media have singled out Justice for praise.

He's more aggressive, more assertive and — most noticeable of all — plays with a sudden mean streak. It was Justice's block on Darren Howard in the backfield recently that allowed Donovan McNabb to step up and rifle a 70-yard touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson in scrimmage.

Justice stayed in Philadelphia this offseason to work with offensive line coach Juan Castillo, he showed up to the Eagles' voluntary rookie camps which typically only vets coming off an injury attend. There's no doubt that Justice has committed himself to becoming a better player and so far it seems to have paid off... but the fact is that we're just a couple weeks into camp and it's going to take a lot more than that to restore our faith in Winston... but if he continues this career revival through the preseason? We may just have to stop calling him "Bustice"