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Jeremy Maclin signs five year deal

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Our long local nightmare is over... First round pick WR Jeremy Maclin has reached a deal with the Eagles and will presumably be in camp tomorrow.  After Robert Ayers, who was selected just before Maclin, signed with Denver the deal couldn't have been more elementary especially given that the pick immediately after Maclin(Brandon Pettigrew) was also already signed.

It's silly that he's missed the time he has, it will no doubt affect his development at least early on... but it's over. Finally we'll get to see the kid on the field and the talk of holdouts and contracts and agents ect will be over. He has a lot of catching up to do, but there's a ton of raw talent to work with and we all can't wait to see not only what he does with the offense, but also with special teams.

The Inky reports that the deal is worth a total of $15.5 million and includes $9.5 million in guaranteed money.

Funny how good news always seems to quickly follow bad with the Eagles....