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The Linc - Kevin Kolb, Quintin Demps, & the return of Shawn Andrews  Kolb needs to make fans forget that day in Baltimore
No matter how sharp he is in practice or how well he plays in preseason games, Kevin Kolb knows that until he plays again for real, Eagles fans will continue to judge him solely by what he did in Baltimore last November. And he doesn't blame them a bit. "You go off what somebody's done in games, not off what anybody says," Kolb said. "I would do the same thing if I was in their shoes."

Eagles Notes: Some Eagles starters may play Thursday | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/30/2009
Second-year players Quintin Demps and Joe Mays apparently haven't nailed down the starting free safety and middle linebacker spots. That's just fine with Demps. "I'm fighting to the end, baby - fighting to the end. I'm fighting after Carolina, after the Chiefs, after the Saints – every week," Demps said, referring to the Eagles' first three opponents of the season. "There's no such thing as 'The job is yours.' "

Has Josh McDaniels Ruined the Denver Broncos? - Field Gulls
Has Josh McDaniels Ruined the Denver Broncos? Seems that way.

Andrews back: "It felt good" | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/29/2009
"It felt good," the Eagles tackle said. "I had no [reservations]. Went through this thing full speed. Of course, it wasn't much contact ... but still got a good feel on some leaning and pass rushing."

Judge hands Vick a victory on bankruptcy | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/28/2009
If this is considered a "victory" then what does defeat look like?