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The Linc - Flight Night, Jeremy Maclin, & Romo's turnovers

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Several Eagles feel high after Flight Night at Linc
"I had a blast coming out of the tunnel," said Weaver. "There's nothing like coming out and hearing 27,000 people screaming for you. It's just a great feeling that their support is the way it is."

Harvin Sets Table For Maclin Deal? | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/02/2009
Back when everybody on both sides was saying Jeremy Maclin ought to be signed before the start of training camp, agent Jim Steiner denied that he would need to see what other first-rounders were getting before he could reach an agreement. However, as the impasse has dragged on through a solid week of workouts (for rookies, anyway, three days for vets), that is exactly what front-office sources have felt was the holdup -- specifically,they've felt that Steiner was waiting for another wideout, Percy Harvin. taken 22nd overall by the Vikings, to agree to terms.

Runyan: Eagles still my top choice | Philly | 08/03/2009
"I mean, they are. I would love to stay here. It'd be great, make my life a lot easier, but I'm not gonna say that's the only option because there are other options out there. Ultimately, it comes down to making some money and you gotta do what you gotta do."

Thoughts of turnovers affecting Romo's dating life? - NFC East - ESPN
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thinks worrying about turnovers is affecting Tony Romo's personal life. Huh?

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Maclin talks continue | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/02/2009
There were indications late this morning that the Eagles were close to completing a deal with Jim Steiner, the agent for rookie wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, but as of late this afternoon the two sides were still trying to find a solution to a stalemate that has lasted through the first week of training camp.

Fans flock to Linc for the first Flight Night | | The News Journal
An estimated 30,000 came out to the Eagles' inaugural Flight Night for family festivities and the chance to see a two-hour, full-contact practice.