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The Linc - A tasteless mural

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Didinger's Game I'll Never Forget: Cowboys 1995
Always fun to re-live wins over the Cowboys. - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Mural of Michael Vick Depicts Him Choking a Puppy Wearing a Cowboys Jersey
It's not easy defending the reputation of Philly sports fans. It's typically a very small group that brings the rest of us down with them. Surely the painter of this horrible graffiti will do the same.

'D' breakdown: Abiamiri, Fokou, Samuel | Philly | 08/28/2009
If you focused in only on Asante Samuel, you'd have thought it was a playoff game, not a preseason contest. Good to see that kind of intensity and effort from one of the team's leaders, especially after the defense looked suspect in the first two games. I almost wonder if Sean McDermott challenged him this week at practice. Samuel had an interception and laid a big hit on Jaguars wide receiver Nate Hughes to force a fumble at the goal line. Pass breakups, support against the run and even a near-block on a field goal. Samuel did it all last night.

Vick's jersey a steady seller | | The News Journal
"Sales have been fairly strong and it is still early in the season," a spokesman for Modell's said. "With him playing [tonight] and as the season goes on, people start to get more excited and they look for ways to show their spirit. In terms of a new player coming to town, we definitely saw the demand hit right away."

Goodell won't make Cowboys raise big screen - NFC East - ESPN
A week after a free-agent rookie punter for the Titans bounced a kick off Jerry Jones' gigantic video board at Cowboys Stadium, the NFL has tweaked its rule book. And you shouldn't be surprised that commissioner Roger Goodell ruled in Jones' favor.

Should Vick play next week? | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/28/2009
Like most NFL teams, the Eagles will not play their starters in the preseason finale. Next Thursday's game against the Jets will be almost exclusively backups and those players fighting for the final remaining roster spots. For the Eagles, the interesting question is where Michael Vick fits in.