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What are your expectations for Michael Vick tonight?

Tonight, Michael Vick makes his Eagles debut. Other than that fact, we don't know much else. We know that he's going to play with the starters, but that's it. Andy Reid refused to get into any specifics as to how Vick would be used or how much he would play.

So let's use this as an open thread to answer the following questions.

How will Vick look athletically after two years away from the game?

How many times will he throw the ball vs how many times he runs?

Will he be used in the wildcat at the same time McNabb is on the field?

And finally, what is it you'd like to see from Vick?

Personally, all I care about right now is how he looks athletically. The guy has been away from football for 2 years and when he did play he was the type of player who relied almost exclusively on his natural athleticism. If he can't get back to the level he was at, I don't see how he can be effective at all. But if he's already anywhere close to the Vick of old in terms of speed... then we could be in for some very exciting things this year.

I don't expect him to be at full speed already... but I'd like to see that he's getting there.

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