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NAACP plans "massive" rally to support Vick Thursday

We all wondered whether there would be demonstrations outside of the Linc when Michael Vick made his Eagles debut tomorrow night... but I bet no one expected the demonstrations to be pro Vick.

The Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP, the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and other local civil rights groups are planning a massive demonstration to support Michael Vick at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday, when Vick is expected to make his debut with the Eagles.

"We believe Michael Vick has served his time, paid his debt to society and deserves a second chance and the animal rights groups want to hold him hostage for the rest of his life," said J. Whyatt Mondesire, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP, said Wednesday. "We think that's patently unfair. It denies Michael Vick's basic civil rights, denies him his ability to make a living."

Ironically, local animal rights groups indicated that they had not made any plans to protest Vick. Could this news change that?

Either way, it should be an interesting night down in south Philadelphia. I can only hope all demonstrators, no matter what they're demonstrating for, remain civil and respectful to one another and the fans there to see the game.