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Report: Philadelphia Eagles sign TE Tony Curtis to one year deal

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Well, contrary to the Daily News report earlier today that said the Eagles would not be signing former Cowboys and Chiefs TE Tony Curtis, word is now that he has agreed to terms. This from ESPN 950's Brian Seltzer.

Per a source, the Eagles have come to terms on a one year-deal with TE Tony Curtis. He arrived at Nova Care Complex earlier this evening.

The 6'5, 265lb Curtis will compete with Matt Schoebel, Rob Myers, & Eugene Bright for a spot on the roster and the backup TE job behind Brent Celek.

[Note by JasonB, 08/24/09 10:45 PM EDT ] Extra bonus, he comes already injured. So he should have no trouble fitting right in!

Curtis apparently suffered a high ankle sprain about 2.5 weeks ago before Chiefs cut him. Will continue rehabbing w/ Eagles.