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"Fewer than 10" Philadelphia Eagles season tickets given up in wake of Vick signing

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As I've said many times since the Michael Vick signing, I don't think anyone on either side of the issue is "wrong." Simply put, your feelings are your feelings. People's opinions are shaped by whatever life experiences they've had and they're all perfectly valid... provided they're being honest.

Rich Thomaselli of Advertising Age reported this week that none of the Eagles’ 44 corporate sponsors backed out of their deals, and that fewer than 10 season-ticket holders canceled their subscription in protest of the Vick signing.

Now I know I read more than 10 message board posts and heard more than 10 sports talk radio callers claim they were so outraged by the signing of Mike Vick that they would be surrendering their tickets in protest. It seems, those people weren't being honest.

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The article does note that some fans have put some tickets up for sale on ebay, but there's a big difference between selling a couple game tickets online and giving up your seats for good. One is taking a real stand, the other? Not so much...

Not only have fans not seemed to be willing to give up their tickets, Stubhub indicated that in the wake of the Vick signing "Sales spiked for the full slate of Eagles games."

Let's always at least try to be honest with one another. We don't always have to jump to the extremes when reacting to something like this. Also, if you happen to have a moderate opinion don't be afraid to share it for fear of the loudmouths drowning you out with their extreme views.

It's ok to say you don't like Mike Vick & you wouldn't have signed him if it were up to you... while also admitting you're still going to watch the games and you're still going to root for the team.