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The Linc - Lesean McCoy, Lorenzo Booker, and remembering the Bounty Bowl

Didinger's Game I'll Never Forget: The Bounty Bowl
It was Thanksgiving Day in Dallas, but Luis Zendejas wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. The game ended and Zendejas, the Cowboys’ kicker, walked towards the Eagles’ bench. He was looking for Buddy Ryan.

Eagles rookie running back McCoy finding he has a lot to learn | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/01/2009
In the one-on-one blocking drill, Eagles rookie running back LeSean McCoy ducked his head to lean into Kyle Eckel, who was pretending to be a pass rusher. Eckel quickly got an arm over McCoy and tossed him aside.

Eagles' Safeties Competing for Starting Jobs
The depth chart is the diehard fan’s best friend. One look at it can provide instant insight into the thoughts and opinions of the coaching staff. But with Sean McDermott at the helm of the Eagles’ defense this season, a player’s ranking on that preseason depth chart doesn’t mean a whole lot.

Eagles Notes: Booker faces plenty of critics at Eagles camp | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/02/2009
It's been a rough last two days of training camp for the reserve running back - at least in the eyes of some fans - but Booker said yesterday that he was pleased with his performance thus far. It will be coach Andy Reid, however, who ultimately decides how well Booker has practiced and whether he can hold off rookie LeSean McCoy for the spot behind starter Brian Westbrook.

Less is more for slimmer Reid | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/02/2009
It wasn't doctor's orders that led to Andy Reid's substantial weight loss. "I looked in the mirror," the Eagles' coach told The Inquirer Friday after his team's practice at Lehigh University. "Plus, you just have those aches and pains."