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The Linc - Injuries, Demps, & the top 5 Eagles TEs of all time

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John Smallwood: Lack of time together hurting Eagles' offensive line | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/19/2009
The Michael Vick signing might be the most controversial story with the Eagles, but the most significant one is the rash of injuries that has hindered their preparation for the season.

Eagles' Demps tries to be his own man | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/19/2009
Demps and McDermott agree that they need to leave their stamp on the Eagles' defense but also say the safety has many of the attributes that made Dawkins a Philadelphia legend. "I think our games are similar," Demps said. "I'm probably a younger version of him."

Didinger’s Top Five Eagles Tight Ends
Each Tuesday until the start of the regular season, Ray Diddy will give my rankings of the top five players in Eagles history, position by position. Today, the top five tight ends.

TLC -- and LED -- keep grass green --
Lumigreen, a Norwegian innovation company, developed an LED-light tarp to enhance the growth of natural grass, and the Eagles are experimenting with it this fall in hopes of maintaining healthy looking grass throughout the season.

More after the jump including a major chain not selling Vick jerseys, Brian Westbrook improving, the wildcat offense, a scary headline, and... Favre!

Eagles' No. 7 has fans excited -
When this year's NFL season kicks off, midstate Eagles fans will be able to don jerseys and T-shirts supporting the team's newest player, Michael Vick, even though Dick's Sporting Goods stores won't be selling them. Bleacher Bums in the Colonial Park Mall already has a waiting list for Eagles Vick jerseys

Since Returning, Westbrook Continues to Improve
"He’s increased his workload every day this week. He felt good," Reid said. "I’ve been happy with what I’ve seen. He’s worked so hard to get to this spot, and I’m glad he’s feeling good and strong there, and we’ll just continue to add to the workload next week."

Wild about the Wildcat | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/18/2009
Way back when I covered Penn State football, every time a reporter would ask Joe Paterno about this new-fangled spread offense, JoePa would dismiss the questioner with a wave of the hand and a, "Ahhhhhh, we ran the same thing back when I was the quarterback at Brooklyn Prep."

Third-string left tackle King Dunlap, once considered a major NFL prospect until his Auburn career bottomed out, will be protecting Donovan McNabb’s blindside on Thursday night against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Brett Favre, Your Starting Quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings - Daily Norseman
It's happened: Brett Favre is a Minnesota Viking. We react to this stunning news.