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The Linc - Eagles hit the lottery

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Max Jean-Gilles blogs about the Eagles' signing of Mike Vick
Everyone on the team was very excited when Coach Reid officially announced that we had signed Michael Vick in the locker room after the game on Thursday. Man, the news we got about signing Vick was great! I couldn't be more excited.

More Pics from the Eagles Game! " Kendra Wilkinson
Kendra Wilkinson uploaded some pics she took at the Eagles v Patriots game.

Eagles Notebook: Fokou looking to win job with Eagles | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/18/2009
You might say events overtook the scheduled event. Suddenly, in the second quarter, just about everybody in the media not involved in the Eagles Television Network broadcast only cared about Michael Vick, who wasn't playing. Rookie linebacker Moise Fokou was, however. - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Sports Betting Is Bad, This Is Fine
The PA lottery has begun selling Eagles-themed lottery tickets.

And that concludes the almost non Mike Vick portion of the Linc. If you need your Vick fix of the day, click after the jump for a ton of different views.

Done with the Birds? Prove it | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/18/2009
Let's be honest: Eagles fans are passionate and excitable. There's always something that angries up the blood. I'm not trying to trivialize the reaction to the Vick signing. Of all the flash points that have made people swear off the Eagles in the past, what Vick did was by far the most barbarous and wicked. But this isn't the first time people have renounced their allegiance to the Eagles, and it certainly won't be the last.

Humane Society could help Michael Vick find redemption --
"We're devoted to ending dogfighting, not endlessly flogging Michael Vick. We are about not just ending cruelty, but also making people better. . . . This can be about turning adversaries into allies.

NFL Football Player Props, NFL Prop Odds at Bodog Sportsbook
A number of prop bets for Michael Vick's season have gone up. They put the number of games he'll be suspended for at 4.

Hugging Harold Reynolds: Eagle Beagles
Yesterday we noted that couldn't start marketing Vick jerseys quick enough. Today, Assassin Avenue pointed out that you can also adorn your best friend in Birds' apparel.

Michael Vick Talks To James Brown - SportsNation - ESPN
ESPN's "SportsNation" gathered fan opinions on Michael Vick's reinstatement and his appearance on 60 minutes

This Vick business is controversial - and a bit tricky - The Boston Globe
Jeff Lurie may claim to be more interested in how Vick does off the field than he does on it, but I seriously doubt his coach agrees. Andy Reid is more interested in Michael Vick the football player.

Daily Debate: Eagles' offense could soar with Vick | Sports | Idaho Statesman
The Philadelphia Eagles signing of Michael Vick is football genius. You can say what you want about any NFL team signing Vick, but I have to give props to Andy Reid and owner Jeffrey Lurie for some nontraditional thinking by signing the league's most troubled commodity.