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Shawn Andrews heads to LA to see back specialist - UPDATED

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This type of story is rarely followed by news that your pro bowl OL is ready to step back into the lineup...

Eagles tackle Shawn Andrews was in Los Angeles yesterday to be examined by the specialist who performed surgery on his lower back last year, the team said.

Andrews, 26, has been sidelined since the first day of training camp, when he aggravated his back during a conditioning test. His progress has been incremental, and this latest twist could signal a longer recovery.

Andrews had a herniated disc in his back last year that required surgery. All we've heard so far this year is that his back "tightened up" soon after his arrival at camp. The Big Kid sounds like he wants to get back, but at this point does anyone have much faith in his ability to do so?

"I'm doing extra stuff on my own," Andrews said. "I've even taken up yoga and acupuncture. I'm exhausting all means to get back on the field. Whenever it happens, and Lord willing it's soon, I'm going to go back and kick some butt."

We'll see... Hopefully Andy Reid will be nice enough to let us know about the results of Andrews' visit to the doctor in LA.

[Note by JasonB, 08/18/09 2:53 PM EDT ] Got the results from his visit to the Dr. He was cleared to practice

Shawn Andrews visited a back specialist in California yesterday and received encouraging news. Andrews was told that there was no structural damage and that the back issue was muscle-related. Reid said the team will begin to ease Andrews back into the flow of things soon.