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Donovan McNabb blogs the "how and why" of Mike Vick

Donovan McNabb posted a new entry on his Yardbarker blog... anyone care to guess what it's about?

McNabb of course wrote at length about the Eagles' signing of Michael Vick. The paragraph that interested me was where he talked about his discussions with Andy Reid about signing Vick.

In mid-July before training camp started, I asked Coach Reid if we would be interested in having Michael join the Eagles and explained why I thought it would be good for both Michael and the team (Andy and I have an understanding that we will never discuss the details of our private exchanges). There was another time during camp where the subject was brought up again by me. It was not until Kevin Kolb was injured last Monday that I was given any indication that something might happen with Michael.

So according to Donny he approached Reid about signing Vick multiple times. It certainly seems that without McNabb behind it, the move never would have happened. Couple this with the recent multi million dollar raise McNabb got and you have to wonder if it's a sign of the kind of power McNabb wields in the organization.

It's also interesting that McNabb said that it wasn't until Kolb got hurt that movement was made on Vick. Within a day of Kolb getting hurt, the Eagles released the results of his doctor's visit which only revealed an MCL sprain. He was only ever expected to miss a week or two at most. In fact, Kolb was already back on the practice field today(although not participating in the drills). My point is, unless the Eagles were lying about Kolb's injury and it's worse than they say(which doesn't appear to be true) then that injury couldn't have been the reason they decided to pull the trigger on Vick.

Of course, this leaves us with the same question we've all been asking(and answering in different ways). What was the reason?

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