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The Linc - Take a guess as to what the media is writing about

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Giants tip their helmets to Eagles for Vick signing | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/15/2009
"It's hard for me to say this, but I'm proud of that franchise," said Giants' DE Osi Umenyoria. "That was a big step they took. A lot of people didn't have the – what's the word I'm looking for? – cojones, to make a move like that. But they did. As much as I hate to say this, I'm happy for them. They did a good thing. "And I'm happy for Michael. He might have overpaid his debt to society, in my opinion. But I'm happy for him."

Eagles' fans are violently divided on Vick | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/15/2009
The signing of the disgraced quarterback, fresh from federal custody, dominated discussion on sports radio, television news and Internet sites, not to mention offices and taverns. By last night, more than 33,000 people had voted in a poll, with the results split: Fifty-one percent opposed the signing, 49 percent supported it.

Scouts Inc. weighs in on Vick signing - NFC East - ESPN
Matt Mosely visited with Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. about the Eagles signing quarterback Michael Vick. Here's the interview:

Paul Domowitch: Controversy aside, Vick signing is 'a terrific move' for Eagles | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/14/2009
Let's just look at the Eagles' signing of Michael Vick strictly from a football standpoint. Nothing else. If he can whip his 29-year-old body back into some semblance of football shape, can he be a difference-making offensive weapon for this team? Can he improve their Super Bowl chances? The answers are yes and yes.

Didinger: Time Will Tell if Vick is a Changed Man
I’ve been covering Eagles press conferences for years. I’ve seen everything from Len Tose going broke to Norman Braman waving bye-bye to Reggie White, but I never saw anything quite like Lurie’s appearance on Friday. I’ve never seen an owner who was so visibly conflicted about his course of action.

More after the jump including Justin Tuck's reaction, Ron Jaworski on Vick wearing the Eagles #7, Joe Banner speaks, and whole lot more Vick...

Jaws on No. 7 to Vick: "No problem" | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/14/2009
Jaworski, who isn't in favor of the Vick acquisition from an Xs and Os position, said that he wasn't upset that his old number would be worn by a convicted dog killer. "I have absolutely no problem with it," Jaws, now an ESPN commentator, told The Inquirer. There was no word on whether Bobby Hoying (No. 7, 1996-98) was distraught.

A letter from the Eagles to premium ticketholders | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/15/2009
This is a letter sent yesterday by the Eagles to their suiteholders and premium ticketholders:

Banner: You Can't Be Afraid To Take Risks - Philadelphia Eagles
"You can't be afraid of taking risks," Banner said. "Clearly there's risk in this. We thought about it carefully. We researched it carefully. We came to make an informed decision. The upside on the field is potentially huge. We think he is one of the most premier players at one of the most important positions on the field.

Giants see Eagles' signing of quarterback Michael Vick as a threat
"They have so many more options in there now," defensive end Justin Tuck said. "How do you game plan them now? Obviously we've got some time and we'll figure it out, but it definitely gives them options and it's going to keep every defense on their heels."

Michael Vick Green Reebok NFL Replica Philadelphia Eagles Jersey
Didn't take them long to get this up...

Remorseful Vick Ready to Fly With Eagles | NBC Philadelphia
Second chances were the theme as the Eagles introduced Michael Vick to Philadelphia and reintroduced the sports world to one of the most controversial stars in football history.

Wow, this was fast.

Baldinger on Eagles signing Vick: 'It could be really fascinating' -
Brian Baldinger, the NFL Network analyst who has lived in Philadelphia since 1992, was shocked at first that the Philadelphia Eagles would risk signing fallen NFL star Michael Vick to a two-year deal.

Astounded by Vick deal | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/14/2009
A text came in. Then another. Then the whispers started in the press box. Then the phone started ringing. This all happened within seconds.