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Michael Vick Press Conference Live Blog

After the jump we'll provide minute by minute updates of the Mike Vick press conference as he is introduced as a Philadelphia Eagle.

Andy Reid, Tony Dungy, and Mike Vick have all taken the podium.

Reid says Vick has a great support system and the Eagles are excited to have him.

Dungy says he got involved with Vick many months ago and that Vick expressed to him his regrets and his desire to change.

Roger Goodell asked Tony Dungy to join Mike Vick's life in a formal role on behalf of the league.

Andy called Dungy and had a long conversation about where Vick was in his life. He says he's proud of the Eagles for stepping up and giving a guy a second chance. Dungy recounted his ministry work with other inmates.

Dungy says he can't think of a better organization for Vick to land. He says he's also proud of Donovan McNabb for expressing to Andy that he wanted Vick. Dungy will be available to help the Eagles and Vick in any way they ask.

Vick says he wanted to express his gratitude to Lure & Reid for giving him the opportunity. He says he made a "horrible mistake" and "did some terrible things" and now he wants to be part of the solution. He says he's been working with the humane society and will continue to work locally to raise awareness about dog fighting in the inner city.

He wanted to send a special thanks to Donovan McNabb for reaching out to Andy, "he's a great friend."

He thinks Philadelphia is one of the flagship organizations. They're a winning team and he wants to be part of a great tradition and to win a superbowl. He wants to fit in any way he can to help this team succeed and win the super bowl.

He says he will continue to help young individuals in this world from going down the same path he has.

He said he couldn't envision two years ago that he'd be back in the NFL. He's happy that Donovan and coach Reid stepped forward to give him and opportunity to give him a second chance and he won't disappoint.

On being a backup: He says he has to crawl before he walks. He's been out for two years and can't imagine trying to start for a team after being out for two years. He needs time to get acclimated.

"I was wrong for what I did. Everything that happened at that point in my life was wrong" He said to this day he can't understand why he would risk everything he had at that point in his career.

"If I can help more animals than I hurt, then I've contributed"

He says he only gets one shot at a second chance.

He says the excuse people use for dog fighting was that it was part of their culture and he said he know understands that it's no excuse. He says prison made him understand how people care about animals and that it's important for him to help.

What he plans to do off the field: Actions will speak louder than words. He's partnered with the humane society and has worked hard to reach out to certain communities in inner cities to attack the problem of dog fighting.

He says he's stayed in shape an maintained his physical shape. He says he's ready to go and thinks he feels great.

Dungy says he's doesn't feel like he's taking a chance on Vick. He's simply doing for him what he hopes someone would do if he(Dungy) made a mistake.

Vick said there was a point in his life before he was arrested that he knew what he was doing was wrong. To this day he has to deal with the shame and embarassment of not doing anything about it.

Andy Reid says he knows not everyone will agree with the move, but he knows that people in this country understand that if you carry yourself the right way people deserve second chances.

Andy says he expects the pubic to have questions initially, but he wants them to have trust in what they do. That they've done their homework and that Vick himself has his life going in a positive direction. He says the majority of the public wants Michael to do well. As long as people take the right steps, they're give the opportunity to do well.

VIck says he understands that some people will never forgive him. He commited a cruel, inhumane act and he understands... but he hopes they will. He spent two year away from his kids and family in prison and that was humbling. The toughest thing was having to explain to his kids why this happened. He said he had to ask his kids for a second chance, at that point he seemed to get choked up.

Andy has always said to the fans that he will try to bring in the best players to help them win the superbowl. He says Vick will contribute and you can ask other defensive coordinators if they're worried about that.

Vick says he's here to contribute and win a superbowl and will play whatever role Andy Reid wants.

Vick says he spoke to Donovan and he said they're going to watch film together, workout, and do everything they can to get ready together. He said he knows he's a long way from playing, but Donovan wants to help him be ready.

Jeff Lurie "He will never ever be able to recover from what he criminally and murderously took part it in. The legend of Michael Vick won't be written on the football field."

Meeting with Michael, I felt the remorse and the self hatred for what he's done. I feel that this could be the start of a tremndous positive force for animal rights in this country."

His view on Vick's success isn't about yardage. His view of whether this is a success if he can diminish the level of animal cruelty. If he is not proactive in doing so, he will not be on the team.

He says there's no room for error on Michael's part and there's no 3rd chances.

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