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Eagles players react to Vick signing

Eagles fans are certainly having their say on the Vick signing. Fans here and on sports radio have been weighing in on either side of the deal, with more of the reaction running negative than positive.

Eagles players however, seem to be overwhelmingly positive on Vick's signing.

Quintin Mikell

"All I know is I'm glad he's on our team and not a team that we're going to be playing," Mikell said, "Because he causes fits for teams. "He can run, he can throw, he's got a cannon. He's definitely, in my opinion, going to come in with the right attitude. He's going to be ready to work."

Sheldon Brown

"He's one of those quarterbacks," Brown said, "Kind of like Donovan, where the play doesn't have to be perfect for him to make something happen. I think it's a tremendous thing to be honest. I'm glad somebody stepped up. I got tired of watching ESPN saying this team didn't want him ... At least somebody's giving the man an opportunity to do what he knows how to do and play the game he loves. I give the organization a lot of credit for that and hopefully he does really well, I want to see him succeed."

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DeSean Jackson

"He is a great player. He has a lot to prove to everybody and try to get back on the right track. On the field, he is very explosive. We got some things on this offense now, man."

"In my opinion, they(fans) should be happy, Even though he did whatever he did, I don't feel like nobody should hold a grudge on him. It's the past. He has to move on. Hopefully, they'll accept him and be fans of him."

Leonard Weaver

"Man, I can’t wait. I am excited. Vick, I am excited about you coming here. Boy, I can’t wait to see you."

Donovan McNabb

"I pretty much lobbied to get him here because everybody deserves a second chance. What a better place than to come here with this group that continues to stay together and bond together through times. ... For a guy that has spoken the truth in front of the nation, has served his time, and for a guy who was just looking for an opportunity to kind of get his feet back on the ground. I think he deserves it."

"Nobody’s perfect and that’s including myself," McNabb said. "And you know I’m looking to just show him kind of how I prepare, show him me getting there 6:30 in the morning, working out in the morning, getting your body ready to go, get ready for meetings and then staying after until 6, 6:30 to watch film. Then let him know exactly what I do at home or to just kind of get away from football and get my mind focused on the next day and spending time with family. He’s already spoken of [how] he’s missed two important years of his daughter’s life, her being born for two months and then had to go serve his time. So just kind of bringing our families together and just kind of bringing them into our households and just kind of humble and understanding what it is we do over there."

Bengals WR Chad OchoCinco

"Mike Vick and McNabb on the same team, damn!!!!! Glad I don't play defense, good luck game planning to stop that shh!! Shaq-Lebron Vick-McNabb that shhh is awesome , i know where I am spending my bye week, I am acting like a groupie, I am going to the game.

Ellis Hobbs

"He's definitely going to be embraced, the NFL is a fraternity of brothers. When you bring in a guy who's been through the things that he's been through, you want to surround him and protect him as much as possible because everybody's out there throwing stones at him.

"We want to be the protector, to let him know that once he comes in here it's safe havens. No one's going to judge you in here because any one of us can stumble. When somebody does fall like that, you bring him back in and you embrace him. You're still a person. You're still our brother."

Quintin Demps

"This society's built on redemption. Everybody deserves a second chance. We shouldn't sit here and throw the book at everyone. I'm not condoning anything he did. But he paid his debt. He made a terrible mistake. Now it's time to move on."