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The Linc - Runyan's health, More on Matt Nagy, & McNabb under the radar

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Former Philadelphia Eagles tackle Jon Runyan cleared to work out - ESPN
Former Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Jon Runyan began running for the first time on his surgically repaired right knee after his surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, medically cleared him to begin putting repetitive pressure on his leg -- with the goal of working out for an NFL team soon. "I'm cleared to do everything," said Runyan, "except hit people. And I'll be able to do that in about two weeks." Blogs " Blog Archive Matt Nagy, a study in contracts "
Nagy’s deal was negated because he already was under contract to an Arena Football League team. And even with the AFL, by various accounts folding/folded, it was a violation of league procedures. The Eagles could try to work out the situation and resubmit the contract, but the team now says it will go "in a different direction."

Somehow McNabb Is Flying Under the Radar
So much has happened at Training Camp 2009 that Donovan McNabb has been overshadowed. That’s how hectic the last 15 days have been.

Didinger’s Top Five Offensive Tackles

Each Tuesday until the start of the regular season, Ray Diddy will give his rankings of the top five players in Eagles history, position by position. Today, the top five offensive tackles.

Eagles' Nagy Has a Memorable Morning
"Cup of coffee," offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said. "But he’s valuable for what he does for us right now."

Camp Confidential: Eagles limping home - NFC East - ESPN
ESPN's Matt Mosely sits down with Andy Reid

Philadelphia Eagles playoff standout Brent Celek consumed only with taking final step -
"A successful season would be winning the Super Bowl," Celek said. "That's all I care about. I don't care about any individual stats. I want to win a Super Bowl. And if I can help the team do that, that's successful."

Philadelphia Player Juqua Parker Waives Preliminary Hearing On Pot Charge -
Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Juqua Parker has waived his preliminary hearing in a marijuana possession charge.