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NFL says no to Nagy

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When the news broke that Kevin Kolb sprained his MCL and would miss this Thursday's first preseason game, the Eagles moved quickly for a short term replacement. Matt Nagy, who had been with the team as a coaching intern, was signed as a QB presumably just for the week or so it would take Kolb to get back on the field.

It appears the NFL didn't like the idea.

The NFL has disapproved the contract of quarterback Matt Nagy and the Eagles have decided to go in another direction, according to team spokesman Derek Boyko.

PFT raised the possiblity earlier today that the NFL might frown on the idea of a team using coaching internships as a possible way to stash extra players on their roster in case they're needed.

The fact that Nagy has been working with the team as a coaching intern means that he's far more prepared to make a contribution than any other potential quarterback candidate would be.

"Talk about roster stashing," one league source said.  "They have a guy who has been attending meetings and who knows what else?"

WHether that is true or not will probably never be known. PFT has since said that a league source says that the reason the contract was disapproved had something to do with his AFL contract. Either way, the Eagles have decided to "go in a different direction."

Adam DiMichele, are you near a phone?

In the end, this is much ado about nothing. Whoever the Eagles sign at QB will be there simply as a body for about a week. Whether it's Matt Nagy, or Adam DiMichele, or me... the guy isn't long for the roster.

[Note by JasonB, 08/11/09 5:34 PM EDT ] Update - Les Bowen has the same story.

More to the point, though, a league source said, was the status of Nagy's contract with the moribund Arena League. Apparently, you need to research such contracts to make sure your team or your league won't be sued if you sign the guy, who still has a contract, even if his league isn't playing, and the Eagles didn't do that.