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The Linc - Good news/Bad news on injuries, Joe Mays, and a funny camp moment

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Kolb, Cole latest injured Eagles | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/10/2009
Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb left the field this morning with what was later diagnosed as a sprained left knee, the team said. Defensive end Trent Cole left practice with a sprained left shoulder.

DeSean Jackson back at practice | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/09/2009
DeSean Jackson is back practicing after he hyperextended his knee yesterday. The wide receiver sat out this morning's practice, but could have gone if weren't for the wet field conditions, coach Andy Reid said.

Funny TC moment | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/09/2009
Leonard Weaver lamented aloud how he was "wide open" on a play and wasn’t seen. Linebacker Omar Gaither, the nearest defender to Weaver, quipped: "If he didn’t throw it to you, how is it you were open?"

Let the Competition to Be Celek's Backup Begin
With rookie Cornelius Ingram awaiting surgery on his left knee, the competition for Brent Celek’s backup at tight end began in earnest on Sunday. Chances are you’re not too familiar with the contestants.  Mays has no doubts about his ability

Mays is one week into his new career as the Eagles' starting middle linebacker, and so far he hasn't disappointed anybody.

More after the jump including Lesean McCoy looking forward to the preseason, health of the offensive line, Jon Runyan, and Greg Lewis.

McCoy eager for chance to shine against Patriots --
It's three days and counting before Philadelphia Eagles rookie running back LeSean McCoy gets to try to juke and elude New England Patriots defenders with the same effectiveness he's had against his teammates throughout training camp at Lehigh's Goodman Campus.

About that offensive line ... | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/09/2009
The Eagles spent $100 million on upgrades to the offensive line, but even Andy Reid conceded this morning that it is hard to know what they have until the group plays together at some point.

Runyan headed back to Eagles? - NFC East - ESPN
"I know where he's at," said Reid, who had a chance to speak to Runyan at Jim Johnson's memorial service Friday. "We have a pretty good idea of where he's at and we'll just see how things go. He's working hard at getting back and that's really what his primary focus should be, whether it's here or somewhere else."

Patriots finally have Lewis covered - The Boston Globe
"It was an annual conversation, maybe more than annual, that I had with [Eagles coach] Andy Reid." said Bill Belichick "We had discussed Greg Lewis in trade situations for . . . at least the last three years, and maybe longer. It might have even been his rookie year. It’s gone back a long way.’’