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What is there left for Maclin to negotiate?

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Last week I wrote that much of the problem with Jeremy Maclin's contract was that so few other first round picks had signed contracts. It was somewhat understandable that they would have trouble figuring out where to slot him.

Last week, that was true. This week, not so much...

Jeremy Maclin was the 19th overall pick. As of yesterday, the 17th overall pick Josh Freeman & the 20th overall pick Brandon Pettigrew both signed 5 year deals. The #18 pick, Robert Ayers has not yet signed. The #21 overall pick and #16 picks are also signed.

What is there left to negotiate? With nearly all of the picks around Maclin signed, there's very little wiggle room as to what his deal could be. The money and the years were pretty much already decided. What's the holdup?