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The Linc - NFL going soft? Redskins no threat? & the "State of Champions"

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Steelers, Penguins, Phillies trophies displayed together
You just might call Pennsylvania the "state of champions." Three trophies marking three recent titles won by Pennsylvania teams were on display together, for the first time, today at the Capitol Going The Extra Mile For Doug Pederson
Former University of Louisiana at Monroe quarterback Doug Pederson’s move into the NFL coaching ranks came complete with a hometown touch.

NFL Videos: Top 10: Dance moves
In honor of the great Michael Jackson, NFL Network counts down the top ten dances. McNabb makes the list.

NFL: Are the rule-makers making the game "soft"? - ESPN
Some of the NFL's safeguards have gone too far, and its appeal is at risk

Ray Didinger's NFL Mailbag – July 8

Ray DIddy talks about why the Redskins aren't a threat and why he prefers Brian Dawkins to Ed Reed.