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Does Giants' GM Jerry Reese know what "condone" means?

This week Giants' LB Michael Boley was suspended for allegedly beating his wife. Here's a little reminder of what the 6-3 223lb LB did to his wife.

According to reports of that incident, Boley allegedly pushed her against a wall, threw her over a couch, and shoved her into a kitchen cabinet door, leaving bruises on her upper back.

Back in March, Giants' GM Jerry Reese(who knew of the incident) had this to say.

"It's really unfortunate that when you're in pro sports everything gets overexaggerated a little bit," Reese said. "We don't condone any kind of domestic violence of any kind in any way, so don't get me wrong on that. But Michael Boley does all kinds of community service and people never talk about that. It's really kind of a shame that people don't say, 'Wow, this guy's a really good guy. He does all this kind of community service.' But the negative things seem to always come up.

"It's just unfortunate, but when you're in a high-profile position I guess this is what happens."

What part of this is NOT condoning what he did? You handed the guy a $25 million contract, said things were "overexaggerated," called him a "really good guy," and blamed everything on the fact the he's famous.

He's not a "really good guy." That's a fact. Neither is Brett Myers in case anyone thinks I'm just hating on the guy for being a Giant.

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As long as there are people like Jerry Reese to make excuses for guys like Michael Boley, those guys will continue to act the way they do.

I'm not going to kill the Giants for signing the guy. Someone was going to. I'm glad it wasn't the Eagles because I don't like rooting for guys like this... but I don't think he should be banned for life or anything like that. Sign him if you like... but save us this "he's a really good guy" crap. The reason he got in trouble isn't because he's "in a high profile position" which is the excuse Jerry Reese uses, it's because he took his wife and "pushed her against a wall, threw her over a couch, and shoved her into a kitchen cabinet door leaving bruises on her upper back."

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