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Giants LB Michael Boley is easy to root against

The Giants look to have really hit a homerun with one of their biggest free agent signings of the offseason. Michael Boley, who had been relegated to the bench in Atlanta, was given a 5 year $25 million contract by the Giants this offseason.  Last month it wa revealed that he needed hip surgery and would likely miss all of training camp.

Now, Boley has been suspended for the season opener. Why you ask? Because he beat his wife.

Boley was arrested that day and charged with one count of domestic battery for allegedly beating his wife, Chantelle. According to reports of that incident, Boley allegedly pushed her against a wall, threw her over a couch, and shoved her into a kitchen cabinet door, leaving bruises on her upper back.

What a tough guy huh?

Maybe after meeting Mr Jason Peters this year, Boley will have some idea of how his wife must have felt when some bully bigger than her was throwing her around.

Oh and just an update on the NFL scale of justice here.... Throwing your wife around the house = One game suspension. Taking a banned dietary supplement = Four game suspension.

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