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The Linc - Jim Johnson 1941-2009


Johnson and Philadelphia, a love story | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/28/2009
Johnson was prepared to retire in 1999 when he got an out-of-the-blue call from a young, unproven coach he'd met on a bus in Honolulu. Andy Reid had just been hired as head coach of the Eagles and he wanted Johnson, a man nearly two decades his senior, to be his defensive coordinator.

Eagles’ Jim Johnson dies from cancer | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/28/2009
Former players Troy Vincent, Ike Reese, & Hugh Douglas share their memories of Jim Johnson.

Why Reid wanted Johnson to join Eagles | Philly | 07/28/2009
Andy Reid recounts the story of why he wanted Jim Johnson as his defensive coordinator.

Remembering Jim Johnson, 1941-2009 | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/28/2009
With word of Jim Johnson's passing, the respects and remembrances of the former Eagles defensive coordinator poured in from around the NFL

Hall of Fame shouldn't ignore Jim Johnson | Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News
Assistant coaches do not garner any consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It's tough enough for head coaches to gain enshrinement. But Canton should examine the credentials of Jim Johnson, who spent 22 seasons as an NFL assistant, including the last 10 as defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Mourning The Loss Of A Genius And Gentleman - Philadelphia Eagles
Dave Spadaro shares his thoughts on the passing of Jim Johnson.

Reid tells story of Johnson, Lito | Philly | 07/28/2009
Andy Reid told some stories about his friend Jim Johnson.

Jim Johnson, former Eagles and Colts defensive coordinator, has passed away - Stampede Blue
The longtime Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator had many strong ties to the colts and the state of Indiana. He passed away today after a long fight with cancer. Stampede Blue remembers this coaching legend.

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