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The Linc - Rookies and selected vets report

Johnson Often Did His Best Work on Napkins
The story has gone around for awhile now and Jim Johnson has never denied it. The coach was dining out with his wife one evening when, according to legend, he grabbed a handful of napkins and excused himself from the table. He was gone for quite awhile.

Bob Ford: Banner: Birds' roster best in NFL | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/26/2009
Joe Banner, the team president, the guy who is mainly responsible for directing the front office in assembling the roster the head coach wants, had a long, exhausting off-season. Two player trades, nearly two dozen contracts to negotiate and execute, some hard decisions on having to move past players, particularly Brian Dawkins, who had meant a lot to the franchise.

Lehigh, Eagles have forged enduring ties | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/26/2009
Before it concludes, 17 days later, more than 100,000 Eagles fans will make the drive to the university's expansive Goodman Campus, new players and coaches will be indoctrinated into Andy Reid's complex system, local restaurants and shops will enjoy a welcome bump in business, and the team likely will make some converts in an area whose sports fans are as liable to root for New York's teams as Philadelphia's.

'Blitz, Blitz Again' | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/26/2009

the 35 year-old McDermott, who had just been introduced as the Eagles defensive coordinator - replacing his mentor - was quick with the most significant coaching advice Johnson had ever bestowed to him. "Blitz, and blitz again," McDermott said yesterday at the NovaCare Complex.

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