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Jim Johnson's tenure by the numbers

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Great article from Sal Paolantonio this weekend about the impact that Jim Johnson has had as Eagles defensive coordinator. This one paragraph will blow you away...

Under Johnson, the Eagles have ranked near the top in almost every important defensive category in the last decade. Since 2000, the Eagles have been second in sacks (390), tied for second in tackles for a loss (457), second in forced fumbles (159), second in red zone efficiency (43.9 percent), and second in third down efficiency (34 percent). During the Johnson era, the Eagles have finished fourth in the NFL in points allowed -- just 17.7 per game.

That's a remarkable level of consistency and success on the defensive side of the ball. The question Sal goes on to ask is how this is going to specifically effect Andy Reid. For ten years Andy has given Jim Johnson a tremendous amount of autonomy in game planning and calling the defense on gameday. He's also had Brian Dawkins acting as almost a second coach on the field. With Johnson gone(and to some extent Dawkins as well) Andy will likely have to pay more attention to the defense than he has in the past. How will that effect a guy who already carries so much responsibility within the organization? I think it's a fair question to ask.

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