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Sean McDermott named permanent Eagles defensive coordinator

New Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott.
New Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott.

In a move that anyone who reads BGN regularly already unfortunately saw coming, the Eagles removed the interim tag from Sean McDermott's title and officially gave him the title of defensive coordinator. This of course means that Jim Johnson has stepped down. Andy Reid had this to say about Jim Johnson.

"First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with Jim Johnson and his family as they battle through this difficult time in his cancer treatments," said Reid. "I have been in constant communication with Jim and his wife throughout this offseason and they are thankful for all the support they have received from the Eagles organization, the fans and the entire NFL community.

Reid then moved on to McDermott.

As far as Sean McDermott, we have full confidence he can continue to lead this defense in his new role. He showed great command and presence in the offseason camps and has had an opportunity to learn from the best in the business. He's very smart, works very hard, and has a good rapport with the players and the assistant coaches. He's ready for this and I'm confident he'll do a great job."

Reid will hold a press conference with McDermott tommorow to both address Jim Johnson's situation and to introduce the new defensive coordinator. As I said before, this is something we all knew was coming. It doesn't make it any less sad considering the circumstances in which Johnson's great tenure here has ended, but at least we were prepared.

As sad as it is to see JJ go, there's a lot to be excited about McDermott who was rumored to be in the running for several coordinator and even head coaching jobs this summer. I'll refer you to this article I wrote about a month ago chronicling the ridiculous amount of success Jim Johnson's ex assistants have had after leaving JJ's wing. Still, I can't pretend that Johnson's leaving will have no impact and that we can simply plug in McDermott and and continue on as if nothing happened. Johnson spent a decade here and these players nearly all came up under him. The way the defense responds to his absence this year will be, along with the health of Westbrook, the #1 thing to be concerned with.

Thanks to Greg M and kkingmcnabb5 for the fanposts.

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