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Donovan blogs about "Camp McNabb" in Arizona

This Sunday rookies and selected vets are due in for the start of the official Eagles training camp in Lehigh, but several spent last week already in camp. Camp McNabb. Donovan blogged about it on Yardbarker.

Last week from Monday through Friday, I had the opportunity to work out with many of my teammates here in Arizona. Many of the skill position players were here and we had a few defensive players as well. Adding to the workouts were a few players from the Packers, Jets and Cardinals.

Donovan details what a typical day is like after the jump.

From sun up to sun down we are taking different measures to prepare our bodies for a long, grueling season. We start at Fischer Sports for some drills and training. I’ve worked with Brett Fischer for a few years now and like the way he challenges me and trains me to be strong and flexible at the same time. Then it’s off to the gym for some weight lifting. The afternoon is set aside for stretching and/or massages – some guys just like to go back to their rooms and grab a nap. At 5:00pm we go to one of the local high schools and do some passing drills. The additional defensive players this year helped create some competition which made the drills more challenging while adding some fun too.

And the whole thing ended with a BBQ. Awww!

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