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Shocking report: Maclin contract talks to pick up!

What you're telling that with a week left before camp the Eagles are going to try to get their first pick signed?!

I know it's the slow time and all of us who cover the Eagles need stuff to write about, but I've gotten a kick out of the recent spate of reports that talks between Jeremy Maclin and the Eagles are about to "heat up." Of course they're going to heat up. This is right about the time all first round picks start signing deals every single year. I know we haven't had a first round pick in a while... but our memories can't be this short can they? has a source which tells them talks are expected to pick up.

The Inquirer talked with Maclin's agent who basically said that he was looking to lock down a deal when he talks with the Eagles later this week.

Brian Seltzer of 950 ESPN also quoted a source, which after reading the Inky's story sure sounds a lot like Maclin's agent, saying a deal would almost assuredly be done by camp.

The Inquirer story also pointed out that only two of this year's first round picks have signed a contract. Often, these contracts go off like dominoes as teams look to find out exactly what level their player is slotted at. I don't really write this to criticize the local media, they're just reporting what's out there. I get a kick out of it more because of the panicked comments you see on some of these articles and in certain Eagles forums. People seemed freaked out that Maclin hasn't yet signed...Like I just said, almost no first round picks signed yet. There's really nothing out of the ordinary going on here. Rookies and selected vets are due to report to Lehigh this Sunday. If we don't hear anything about a contract by Friday or Saturday, then it's time to worry. Right now though, this is nothing out of the ordinary.

PFT wrote an article recently which details why there isn't a whole lot to negotiate as far as the Maclin contract goes.

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