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The Linc - "Eco-Sexy" Cheerleaders

Cheer calender
Cheer calender

2009 Eagles Cheerleader Calendar Unveiling - Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles cheerleaders unveiled their latest "eco sexy" calender.

Iggles Blog - Philadelphia Eagles Blog: Let's Set The Record Straight: NOTHING Happened
Jayden James just posted a follow-up article on her blog (still NSFW) to dispel all those untoward rumors and speculation floating around in re: the time that she spent with Donovan McNabb last weekend.

Philip Rivers gets beat by a high schooler, doesn't confiscate tape - Shutd... - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Phillip Rivers seems to be less sensitive than Lebron James...

The Quad Countdown: No. 49 Arkansas - The Quad Blog -
Both of the Eagle starting OTs are Arkansas alums...

**Phinsider Exclusive: Jason Taylor Q&A** - The Phinsider
Our pals over at the Miami Dolphins blog scored an interview with Jason Taylor.