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The Linc - Girls, Girls, Girls... Oh and Mike Patterson

So is it cool to ogle Jessica Simpson again?
So is it cool to ogle Jessica Simpson again?

Oh, Donovan, Please Don't Hang Out With Porn Stars At The Pool - Donovan McNabb - Deadspin
It's just Donovan McNabb being polite (and portly) at a topless pool in Vegas this past weekend . And Jayden James, who is/was dating Chuck Liddell (NSFW!), had a run-in with Five. He's a jovial fellow! NOTHING happened. [JaydenJames'BlogNSFWNSFWNSFW]

Teams slow to re-sign '05 draft picks - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Eagles Mike Patterson is one of only 3 players from the 2005 first round class to have signed a contract extension.

Jessica Simpson Dumped by Tony Romo - omg! news on Yahoo!
OMG say it isn't so!

Sorry, Bears Fans, Cutler Isn’t the Answer - The Fifth Down Blog -
Those who speak ill of Jay Cutler can expect to hear it from Chicago fans, who have waited a long time for a star quarterback.

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