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Hank Baskett, possession receiver.

Possession? Possessive? You tell me... around the 4 min mark.

I certainly hope he thinks "these are mine" when he sees Donovan McNabb's passes coming his way.

Seriously, does anyone else think this newfound "celebrity" will raise the expectations for him this year? It's certainly not common for a guy that's 4th or 5th on the depth chart to be on a reality show and get as much attention as he has this offseason. Hank Baskett is becoming a household name thanks to his marriage and undoubtedly people are going to start to pay a little more attention to his play...

And his production over his first 3 years in the NFL is modest to say the least. Last year he set career highs with 33 rec, 440 yards, & 3 TDs. Now, his team has just drafted another WR that will undoubtedly jump over him on the depth chart. With Jackson, Curtis, Avant, & Maclin all likely ahead of him on the depth chart and Reggie Brown(who is more talented) a possibiltiy... It might be a lot to expect Hank to even equal his 2008 numbers.

No matter how often Hank pops up in the news... we can't forget who he is as a football player. He's an undrafted player who has done a nice job carving out a role in the NFL for the past 3 years. The fact that he has a reality show isn't likely to change that fact.

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