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Westbrook recovery "two to three months"

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The doctor who performed Brian Westbrook's surgery spoke today and while he did say the procedure was a success, he also threw a wet blanket on the hopes that Westbrook would be ready to go by preseason.

"I've taken care of these types of injuries," Myerson said. "It takes two to three months to get better. It's a fairly predictable course, but it's not a quick recovery."

Dr Mark Myerson said that Westbrook would not be ready to play in any preseason games, but was confident that the running back would be back for the season opener. The doctor said he didn't find any surprises and that it was a procedure he's done many times... however he didn't paint a very pretty picture of the injury.

"It was a very difficult surgery because of the location of the problem in the back of his ankle," Myerson said. "It's difficult to get into the back of an ankle surgically. That's an area where there are a lot of blood vessels and nerves. He had a lot of loose fragments and terrible inflammation and scarring. I removed the bone fragments and the scarring around the tendons."

Again, I have to wonder why Westbrook has been walking around with "terrible inflammation & scarring" in his ankle since last September and it was just fixed yesterday?

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