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Westbrook surgery a success

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This morning Brian Westbrook went under the knife for the Eagles termed a "minor" procedure to clean up bone spurs in his ankle.

He did make an insicion and clean out scar tissue and then remove two bone fragments," Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder said today at the NovaCare complex. "Both of these fragments were in the back of the ankle."

One of the fragments was from the high ankle sprain Westbrook suffered last season in Week 3 against the Steelers. The cause of the other, Burkholder said, he couldn't determine.

"Brian texted us and said he was doing well," said Burkholder

There was some talk that the bone spurs had nothing to do with the sprain Westbrook sustained last year in week 3 against the Steelers. Personally, I found that hard to believe. Now we find that the bone spurs were directly related to that injury. It's pretty frustrating to see a player have surgery to correct an injury that happened last September. Now Westbrook will spend an estimated 6-8 weeks on the sideline this summer when he could be preparing for the season.