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Donovan McNabb pays tribute to Michael Jackson through words, dance.

This does not appear to be one of the Michael Jackson inspired dances.
This does not appear to be one of the Michael Jackson inspired dances.

Over on his Yardbarker blog, Donovan McNabb reacted to the death of Michael Jackson.

Like most of the rest of the world I am devastated by the news of Michael Jackson’s death. Ironically, I am in Los Angeles for a few days between shooting a commercial and attending a teammate’s wedding this weekend.


Those who have followed my career know that I am a huge fan of the King of Pop. After many of my touchdowns, I have moonwalked or mimicked some of his moves – before you get ready to criticize those moves on a post, know that even I understand I couldn’t hold a candle to Michael when it comes to dancing. My dances were a mere tribute to Michael’s unbelievable ability to entertain.


Many times we are reminded at someone’s death that "there will never be another one like him/her." In this case, those words couldn’t be more true.


My condolences go out to his children, his immediate family, and his extended family of millions around the world.

As Donovan said, he has embarrassed himself paid tribute to the King of Pop with a few of his end zone dances. Check out an example after the jump...

Oh and the "teammates' wedding" he's referring to is Hank Baskett's at the playboy mansion which is set for Saturday June 27th. I have a feeling many of Hank's teammates might be making the trip out for that one...


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