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The Linc - Jerome Brown, McNabb makes a top 10, and a big blog success

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via - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Today in Philly Sports History: Jerome Brown Dies, 1992
Jerome Brown was coming off two consecutive all-pro seasons as a defensive tackle for the Eagles in 1992, collecting a stunning 150 tackles and nine sacks in the 1991 season alone. He was one of the anchors of a Philly...

NFL Videos: Top Ten Gutsiest Performances: Donovan McNabb
Donovan McNabb leads the Eagles to victory while playing on a broken ankle.

No soup for McNabb, and others | Philadelphia | 06/23/2009
No active NFL players will be used in next season's Campbell's Chunky Soup marketing campaign.

Bernard Hopkins rips McNabb (yes, again) | Philadelphia | 06/24/2009
Overly sensitive Bernard Hopkins continues to whine like a girl because McNabb once "blew him off."

Reason To Watch: K David Akers - Philadelphia Eagles talks about what David Akers has been up to this offseason.

Two coaches in a boat, talking | Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/24/2009
Bob Ford imagines the conversation between Andy Reid and Brad Childress on a boat in Alaska

Five and a Half Years, 200 Blogs, One Big Success - Blog Huddle
SBNation has launched it's 200th blog.

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