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The Linc - Plan your Juan Castillo day BBQ!

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"Juan Castillo Day" Sparks Controversy : News : KGBT 4
A banner hanging over Port Isabel, reads "Juan Castillo Day- July 4th", and is causing quite a stir. Its all the people in this small, port town are talking about. The controversy deals with a ceremony the city opted to celebrate on July 4th called "Juan Castillo Day".

Five Reasons the Eagles Will Reach the Super Bowl | Inside the Iggles | A Philadelphia Eagles Blog
ITI eschews it's previous negativity and gives the masses what they want!

Iggles Blog - Philadelphia Eagles Blog: ESPN %#@$ Up Again
Does Troy Polamalu belong on a 2000s "all decade team" ahead of Brian Dawkins?

The rhythm got the Miami Dolphins. Hey, we were all warned. - Shutdown Corn... - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The rhythm got the Miami Dolphins. Hey, we were all warned. 

Donovan McNabb Cardboard Cutout Makes Rare Appearance In Old City
Famed Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb made a rare appearance in Old City, Philadelphia yesterday in the form of a cardboard cutout in front of several bars on Second and Chestnut Streets. Crazed fans came from far and wide to get …

Dallas Cowboys Leonard Davis, Marc Colombo and Cory Procter Sign Heavy Metal Record Deal -
NFL offensive linemen bang heads all the time. A trio of Dallas Cowboys linemen are now professional head-bangers, too. Leonard Davis, Marc Colombo and Cory Procter have signed a recording contract as part of a heavy metal band called Free Reign.

The most irreplaceable Eagles player? | Philadelphia Daily News | 06/23/2009
Is there not enough evidence out there about the importance of Brian Westbrook to this team? As he spends June nursing whatever the hell ails him this time, and it's always something, how is it possible that someone cannot recognize just how vital Westbrook is to the Eagles' success?

YouTube - Kid playing with Icecream
Kid playing with Icecream during soccermatch Italy - Brasil Confederations Cup 2009. Watch this!

Also you can check out video of the Cowboys O-line band after the jump...

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