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The Linc - Andy Gone Fishin'

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Reid and Childress gone fishing | Philadelphia Daily News | 06/22/2009
In the Twin Cities, they are on all-Favre, all-the-time duty. As rumors continue to swirl, there is the belief that if something is going to be announced, it won't be this week -- because Vikings coach Brad Childress and Eagles coach Andy Reid have headed to Alaska for a week-long fishing trip.

DeSean Jackson and Father's Day | Philly | 06/21/2009
NFL Network ran a piece on DeSean Jackson and his father, Bill, who died of cancer in May. Thanks to whoever put the video on YouTube. You can watch it here.

Inside the Iggles | 5 Reasons the Eagles won't make the superbowl
ITI shares his concerns for the upcoming season

Memo to Philly fans: Remain calm
Panic doesn’t always pay. The sky isn’t always falling. In fact, there is some evidence to indicate that it won’t fall at all.