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The Linc - NFL's car service, "Invincible" win, and two TO stories?

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Chadiha: Players don't trust NFL's car service - Shutdown Corner - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
You know how every time a player gets into an accident you wonder why the NFL doesn't just get him a car service? It turns out that they do.

Without a quarterback to criticize, Owens takes aim at his realtor - Shutdo... - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The headline really says it all...

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Terrell Owens Speaks In Philly For The First Time In Years
Terrell Owens in his first interview in Philly in years. Takes place with partner Joanna Krupa from upcoming show Superstars. He talks about his reputation as a team wrecker, his Philly exit and if he would have done anything differently, his persona, and much more

No, the Cowboys don't appear to be going away
When last we left the Dallas Cowboys, they were serving as roadkill for the Eagles, the Birds joyously trouncing their hated rivals 44-6 in the 2008 season finale. Since then, there has been surprisingly little buzz about Dallas, especially in comparison to last year and the year before. Sure, the Cowboys' new stadium has attracted plenty of attention, but the team? Not so much. Now the NFC East focus is on the Birds and the Giants. Now the consensus is that they are the cream of a division that will be its usual rugged self.

Millen back in the booth on NFL Network --
Before he left the broadcast booth for the front office in Detroit, Matt Millen was thought to be ''the next John Madden '' in NFL broadcasting circles.

A Game I'll Never Forget: An 'Invincible' Win
It was the Friday before the Eagles home opener in 1976, Year One of the Dick Vermeil era. Practice had just ended and Vermeil was outside the locker room, talking to a group of reporters.

Sauer's Suite: Ode to Dell Curry: A Tecmo Titan
Dell Curry, old school video game legend.

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